Raised in Florence, Italy, design and culture began shaping who I am and the lens through which I see the world at a very young age. These elements have provided me with a unique foundation that has followed me throughout my personal and professional life.

Through my 4+ years of experience in the marketing and corporate branding sphere, I have developed a knack for brand development and tapping into the mind of the user. This experience has allowed me to quickly pick up UI Design and implement user-forward UX concepts.

If you can't find me at my computer working or watching YouTube tutorials, I'm either seeing live music, practicing yoga, or trying out new healthy recipes.

I am extremely passionate about traveling the world and learning about new cultures and cuisines. It is more to me than enjoying a few days off work: it is a way for me to view situations differently, become more empathetic, and share the beauty, history, and culture of the world with others.

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If you're interested in connecting with me, send me a message below or email me directly at biancagrussodesign@gmail.com.

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